Little Britches (8yrs and under)

​Own Horse/lease                                               School Horse
  Half hour private                 $55                              $75
  Package of 10 lessons     $500                            $700

Our budding young riders will learn new skills in this riding class. Beginners will start on the lunge line without reins to learn balance, coordination, and confidence. Games are used to master riding skills and help students learn to create a partnership with their horses. Students will stay in private lessons until they have demonstrated good control and confidence while riding, then groups can be formed among similar-skilled riders. This class does not cover grooming, and the horses are tacked up for the riders in advance.

 Mommy & Me (3yrs - 5yrs)

  Half hour private                $50  
  Package of 10                  $450

Designed to introduce your littlest animal enthusiasts to the big world of horses, this class is hands on! We start by explaining how to speak horse language, and how to understand what a horse is "saying" with their body language. We will teach your child about grooming, including cleaning the hooves, and brushing the mane and tail, while talking about fun and age-appropriate horse facts. If your child feels comfortable, we will take a pony ride and they can get a view of the world from the back of a horse. Finally, we invite your child to "make dinner" for the horse by creating a bran mash with water to mix and stir. They love to watch the horses eat, and be a part of their caretaking.
   Introduction to Riding (9yrs and up)

   45 Min -- 1Hour Private          $95
   Package of 10 lessons       $900

This class is for beginning to intermediate level riders. The first three lessons of this package are grooming only. Students are taught proper grooming basics including currying, brushing, bathing, and hoof care. Students will learn about various kinds of equipment (tack), how to fit it to the horse correctly, and how to properly care for the leather. In the arena riders will be coached on correct position, balance, and coordination. Specific exercises are used to encourage the students to accomplish these basics while learning to communicate with their horse.

   Topline Evaluations 

  45 Min -- 1 Hour                           $95

This class is offerred to first-time students with previous riding experience. Evaluations allow for riders to demonstrate what they've already learned, as well as learn grooming and riding techniques specific to Topline Equestrian Center. Once the evaluation(s) is complete, the instructor will be able to find a lesson program suitable for the rider's needs and goals. This lesson can only be purchased and completed once.

  Basic English Riding Lessons
​  (must complete Intro. to Riding or Evaluation programs)

                             Own Horse/Lease                                        School Horse

  ½ hour Private                      $65                                                        $75
  Package of 10 lessons         $600                                                     $700

  45 min. Semi Private (2 riders)   $55                                                  $75
  Package of 10 lessons             $500                                                $700

  1 hour Group (3-6 riders)          $55                                                    $75
  Package of 10 lessons           $500                                                   $700

  45 min. Private                       $75                                                     $95
  Package of 10 lessons          $700                                                    $900

Lesson Program

For over 14 years Topline Equestrian Center has taught hundreds of people how to excel in horseback riding. Based on classical techniques and continuing education, our program offers beginning through advanced riding lessons for all ages (2 yrs. through adult). Whether you are an experienced rider preparing for the next show, or have never touched a horse before, Topline has a class tailored to fit your every riding need. We specialize in basic English riding, Classical Dressage, and Hunters/Jumpers. All classes are taught by highly qualified instructors with years of experience.
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